Naseebo Lal

Rs.18,500 Rs.28,500

Naseebo Lal is our raspberry pink shirt and trouser ensemble. The shirt is studded with colorful embellishments in gold and coral details judiciously covering the whole shirt in a myriad of beautiful architectural patterns. The trouser takes it up a notch by heavy embroidery of flowers and geometric patterns along the hem. It is paired with eclectically coloured dupatta various motifs enclosed in lattice shaped pattern featuring elephants and other flora making for an enchanting sight.


  • Embroidered Front Center (Organza) 0.66 meter
  • Embroidered Front Side-Extensions (Organza) 0.33 meter
  • Embroidered Back Center (Organza) 0.66 meter
  • Embroidered Back Side-Extensions (Organza) 0.33 meter
  • Embroidered Front & Back Hem Border (Organza) 2 meter
  • Embroidered Sleeves (Organza) 1.33 meter
  • Embroidered Dupatta (Organza) 2.66 meter
  • Embroidered Trouser (Organza) 3 meter